Electrical engineers test electrical installations and wiring on protective relays, measuring them with a multimeter.

Kunakorn Rassadornyindee

Amphenol (NYSE:APH) is likely one of the world’s largest designers and producers of connectors, interconnects, sensors and cables, amongst others. The corporate has been and is an enabler of the digital revolution worldwide and has executed excellently during the last a long time.

APH outperformance

APH outperformance (Koyfin)

Amphenol Product segments

Amphenol Product segments (Amphenol 10k)

Amphenol revenue by industry

Amphenol income by trade (Amphenol investor presentation)

Gross sales Progress EPS/Working Earnings Progress Incentive Plan Multiplier


0% 0% 0%
Goal 7% 11% 100%
Most 17.5% 27.5% 200%

Amphenol Acquisition Program

Amphenol Acquisition Program (Amphenol Investor presentation)

Amphenol inverse DCF

Amphenol inverse DCF (Authors Mannequin)

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