Bitcoin (BTC) heads into the Christmas interval with the twenty sixth largest market cap at $324.68 billion, just under Mastercard with $328.35 billion.

Ethereum (ETH), however, ranks 77th on the checklist with a $147.60 billion market cap, whereas Tesla loses its place amongst the highest 10 and locations thirteenth with $395.82 billion.

Rating by market cap

Gold, Apple, and Saudi Aramco are the highest three belongings, with the biggest market cap of $11.939 trillion, $2.103 trillion, and $1.819 trillion, respectively.

Microsoft, Silver, Google, and Amazon observe because the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh with $1.775 trillion, $1.333 trillion, $1.137 trillion, and $854.80 billion market caps, respectively.

Meta Platforms and Samsung, however, are ranked after BTC as thirtieth and thirty first with $311.31 billion and a $304,89 billion market cap, accordingly.

Gold and BTC

On Oct. 24, CryptoSlate analysts revealed that BTC and Gold had achieved an 85% correlation since over the previous 12 months. This discovering indicated that these two belongings elevated and decreased on the identical occasions and the identical charges with 85% accuracy.

On Nov. 4, the market knowledge additionally showed that BTC  responded to the Fed’s 0.75% rate of interest hike even higher than Gold or NASDAQ. Reacting to the rise, Gold fell by 0.68%, whereas NASDAQ sunk by 4.97%. BTC, however, elevated by 0.55% throughout the identical interval, which means that BTC is rather a lot “safer as an asset than NASDAQ or Gold.

The correlation between BTC and Gold was additionally seen by the outstanding names of crypto as properly. Creator of Bitcoin: The Way forward for Cash? Dominic Frisby suggested buying BTC and Gold collectively to fight inflation, whereas ETH founder Buterin relies solely on BTC.

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