Rio IEM CS:GO Major was a significant event, a tournament that has often featured some of the greatest players in the world. most electric crowds in the game’s history. And before Outsiders and Heroic faced off in the deciding grand finals, ESL announced that they’re coming back for more.

ESL announced just before the grand finals that they will host another IEM Tournament in Brazil 2023. This announcement came after the conclusion of the Brazil-Sweden legends showmatch. The event, currently listed on the Intel Grand Slam Season Four schedule as IEM Spring, is slated to take place in late April 2023.

The tournament will have 16 teams instead of the 24 that play in Majors, and a $250,000 prize fund. Importantly, however, the IEM Spring tournament in Brazil will be counted as an Intel Grand Slam season-event. The four Intel Grand Slam winners are determined, as with previous seasons.

FaZe is just a few steps away from winning the fourth Intel Grand Slam. She has three wins at Katowice 2022 (Pro League season 15), and Cologne 2022. Vitality, Cloud9 and Cloud9 each won. FaZe will decide whether or not IEM spring in Brazil will count towards season 4 of the Intel Grand Slam. This will be determined over the next two IEM events, Katowice 2023, and Pro League season 17.

The energy showcased by the Brazilian crowd has been unmatched, but it hasn’t been perfect at the IEM Rio Major. During playoff matches that didn’t feature a Brazilian team, the crowd has been noticeably quieter with tons of empty seats visible, and there was even an alleged spitting incident A fan and NAVI players can be involved.

According to the Intel Grand Slam schedule, the IEM Spring event will take place in Brazil on April 17.

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