SoC application processor case chipset

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🌞 Good morning, Daily Authority readers. I am currently experimenting with the Sony LinkBud S. I just received them yesterday and am trying to figure out how they compare to the flagship. Sony WF-1000XM4 true wireless earbuds. Have you recently bought any new devices? Let me know in the comments section. In the meantime, here’s what’s happening in the world of tech.

The American big push for homemade chips

SoC processor chipset

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

In light of growing tensions with Beijing the United States is determined to support local semiconductor manufacturing. President Joe Biden signed earlier this year the $280 billion CHIPS and Science Act. This law provides $52 billion to support domestic chip production. It’s an ongoing effort to circumvent China’s technological dominance amid the global chip shortage. Yesterday was a significant step towards the US achieving its chip manufacturing goals.

  • TSMC, the world’s largest contract chip maker, hosted a tool-in ceremony for its first factory in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 6. President Biden and Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the event.
  • The plant is currently being fitted out with production equipment. By 2024, the facility will be ready to produce chips in the US.
  • Apple has already committed itself to sourcing iPhone MacBook chips from TSMC’s US factory. The company currently depends on chips made overseas. “Now we’re going to do more of their supply chain here at home,” said Mr. Biden.
  • Apple will be the first to buy iPhone 14 Pro TSMC processors Nvidia and AMD will also place orders at the facility.

What is the future?

  • It’s clear that the Biden administration doesn’t want US tech companies to source chips and other components from China.
  • Apple was recently warned Protest against the sourcing of iPhone 14 memory chip from a controversial Chinese semiconductor maker.
  • The US lawmakers want to make it more difficult for China to obtain cutting-edge technology from US firms.
  • Huawei is a prime example This is how the country is putting it into practice. Nvidia was also told recently that it would need special licenses in order to sell AI processors Chinese companies.
  • This is why the Arizona TSMC factory is a feather in the cap for the US, something that signifies the country’s ambitious plans to become a tech superpower.

More US chip production

  • Apart from building the $12 billion facility, TSMC will also build a second, more advanced manufacturing wing by 2026, upping the chipmaker’s total US investment commitment to $40 billion.
  • Once both factories are fully functional, TSMC’s total output in Arizona will be 60,000 wafers per month, triple its original plan of 20,000.
  • Other chip manufacturers are also betting big US manufacturing, in addition to TSMC.
  • Intel $20 billion is being pumped in expand Its Chandler manufacturing plant will be operational by 2024.
  • Intel is also building what it calls the world’s largest silicon manufacturing site in Ohio.
  • Micron, a memory and storage chip manufacturer, will spend $100 billion set up a “megafab” New York.
  • Samsung is also available investing $17 billion Texas to increase chip production

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Wednesday Weirdness

iPhone 12 food photography

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Don’t like certain foods? What if your kids don’t eat what you want? Psychologists know how to get kids to eat what they want. found This is a strange way to alter the flavor of food.

  • A new study has shown that the color of a bowl can have an impact on the taste of food.
  • 47 volunteers were divided into 2 groups based upon their responses to a questionnaire on food-pickiness.
  • The food was then served in red, blue or white bowls to the two groups.
  • Non-picky eaters did not notice a difference in the perceived taste of the containers, but picky eaters noticed a change in their perception of taste based upon the color and texture of the bowl.
  • All participants were also given samples of vinegar-flavored potato chips.
  • Volunteers were asked for their opinions on the desirability, saltiness, flavor intensity, and overall appeal.
  • While the bowl color didn’t seem to have any influence on flavor intensity, there were differences in the other two categories for picky eaters.
  • So weird, but I’m definitely trying this with my kid today!

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