OpTic Texas star Brandon “Dashy” Otell could be returning to the Call of Duty According to his stream, League will be in the near future.

Dashy was recently released by OpTic, his home since 2018. Fans were confused when Dashy was suddenly released from OpTic, his home since 2018. He has been consistently one the best assault rifles in this game for the past four years. According to head coach Raymond “Rambo” Lussier, Dashy’s removal from the starting roster was not due to performance issues but stuff going on behind the scenes. 

While Dashy’s departure from OpTic was sudden it was not surprising. Before the start of The Modern Warfare 2 Dashy was removed from the team during the season and returned the next day. Issues within the team were the root cause for Dashy’s ultimate breakup from OpTic but he claims he’s not done yet. He revealed that a number of teams are interested in Dashy joining their rosters on his stream today.

“Has there been interest,” Dashy said. “Yeah, I have had a few things pop up. I can’t really discuss too much, to be honest. I don’t want to keep you guys out of the loop but it be like that.”

With Dashy’s MVP performances in the last two years there will undoubtedly be a team who wants to bring him on. Some of the potential candidates include Boston Breach, Toronto Ultra, Atlanta FaZe and Toronto Ultra. However, it is unlikely teams will change rosters during Stage Two qualifiers.

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