No matter how new you are to the game League of Legends or if you’ve been an avid fan of the game for over a decade, you must have heard or read that solo queue is broken beyond repair, not fun anymore, and, of course, rigged. In the spirit of Season 13 just starting this month, Faker spoke up about the state of solo queue and explained why it’s no longer fun.

During a recent stream that culminated with Faker losing a game of solo queue, he went on to frankly speak about the state of solo queue saying it’s no longer fun. “SoloQ aren’t fun these days at all. It was much more enjoyable back in those days. Even if someone fumbles, the game would still stay even that you’d keep trying to flip the game in later phase,” Faker said according to a translation on Twitter.

Faker continues by pointing out the two main reasons that solo queue is not fun anymore. “Current design of the game snowballing out of control for the side winning the early phase” and “something is wrong with the MMR system,” he said.

Faker is a good example of this. League’s GOAT and has played for T1 for 10 years and currently holds the record for most World Championships won with three titles in his pocket, he isn’t sure what exactly influenced the game to become more “snowbally.”

Could it be that the turret Gold polarized the game in favor of the advantageous? There’s been also a Champion Durability Update. The advantage team has maintained their lead. This could pose a problem when it comes to matchmaking. Could be all of them combined,” he said.

It’s clear that, if we look at the overall state of the game, it is far from being perfectly balanced and it is, to an extent, bleeding players. Riot Games will most likely need to make more changes in order to keep the community engaged and in the solo queue.

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