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According to a startup in Scotland, its prototype wave-energy device yielded “highly encouraging results.”

AWS Ocean After six months at sea, the Archimedes Waveswing was able to produce more than 10 kilowatts under moderate wave conditions. Peaks reached as high as 80 milliwatts. This beat company expectations by 20%. 


The Archimedes Waveswing lies below the ocean’s top.

AWS Energy

Waveswing, a buoylike device weighing 50 tons, is tethered below the water’s surface and consists of a buoy-like device. It generates power using the force generated by passing waves. Waveswing is explained in detail in the video.

AWS Ocean claims its prototype has beaten force 10 gale conditions. The trial period, which took place off Scotland’s Orkney islands, is expected to be completed before the end the year. Additional trials are planned for 2023.

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