When you attain the post-game in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet you might be able to tackle the hardest challenges the sport has to supply. There are many issues to check your crew towards, together with the 4 new legendary Pokémon. Every of those requires you to go on a little bit of a hunt to even get the possibility at encountering, although. Ting-Lu is a robust foe, but in addition an awesome potential ally when you catch it. This is how one can encounter it in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How you can catch Ting-Lu

Ting-Lu is hidden behind a locked shrine identical to all the opposite legendaries. To unlock it, you have to to first discover the eight Inexperienced Ominous Stakes in Paldea.

Step 1: Discover all eight Inexperienced Ominous Stakes. You’ll be able to find them on the places marked on the map under. When you pull the ultimate stake, you may hear a mysterious cry coming from a shrine.

A map of Paldea showing stakes.

Step 2: Go to the Groundblight Shrine situated within the northwest area of Paldea.

When you full all the historical past courses in school and proceed talking with Ms. Raifort afterward, she is going to finally let you know the previous Paldean fairy story about Ruinous Quartet and mark the placement of the Groundblight Shrine and different shrines in your overworld map.

If you have not been going to class, you’ll be able to nonetheless discover the Groundblight Shrine by exploring. The situation is on the map under.

Ting-Lu shrine location

Step 3: Work together with the shrine to start a battle with Ting-Lu.

Ting-Lu is a degree 60 Darkish/Floor-type. Will probably be proof against Electrical and Psychic-types, and susceptible to Water, Combating, Bug, Grass, Ice, and Fairy so watch out utilizing these to not KO it too quick if you wish to catch it.

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