As it turns out, large portions of the VALORANT Community was right all along.

The official VALORANT Twitter account has been following the journey of Killjoy, Phoenix, Yoru, Neon and Raze from Killjoy’s perspective. Various images of the group’s trip to Salvador can be found where they can be seen talking with locals, partying it up, and more. These images were taken without any context until the end. VALORANT Another image was posted by account today. This image, unlike the others, had no caption. It just showed Raze and Killjoy smoozing in the middle of a party they were seen at in previous posts. 

There has been much debate over the nature of Killjoy and Raze’s relationship since early 2021 when Riot Games released a VALORANT dating simulator for April Fools. Cypher speaks about seeing Raze and Killjoy picnicking on the beach in the game. This led many fans to speculate if these two mechanical geniuses were more that just friends. 

Image via Riot Games

Raze and Killjoy share a special voiceline between them that many players believe goes beyond playfulness to full-on flirting. With today’s big reveal, it’s safe to say that Riot has been plotting this moment for a while.

The image is not just the first confirmed romance between an agent and an agent in the series, but Raze as well as Killjoy are also the first LGBTQ+ confirmed agents in the series. VALORANT Those are just a few of the many reasons why I love Riot. Riot is no stranger to showing love in their titles. Multiple League of Legends champions have been confirmed to be LGBTQ+.

Although it is unclear if these promotional images were used to build anticipation for a highly anticipated romance, or as a teaser for a more substantial story, VALORANT The stories and lore of these characters continues to evolve.

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