Wasabi Pockets, together with 12 different bitcoin initiatives and corporations together with Blockstream, BTCPay and Trezor, are working collectively to arrange a Bitcoin world treasure hunt referred to as “Looking Sats.” 

For a full week beginning on January 23, 2023,, the entities concerned will probably be revealing seed phrases of a bitcoin pockets that accommodates 3,454,811 sats. The businesses invite all Bitcoiners to try to crack that bitcoin pockets and declare all of its sats.

The announcement despatched to Bitcoin Journal describes how brute forcing would be the methodology that may enable members to crack the seed, saying “For this sport, brute-forcing a bitcoin pockets means discovering the seed phrases and a passphrase, on this case, arranging them in the correct order and utilizing the ensuing backup as a technique to get well the pockets’s funds. There are a lot of methods to realize this and common information about bitcoin wallets, script sorts, derivation paths, checksums, passphrases and BIP-39 seed phrases will probably be useful … As extra phrases are revealed, brute-forcing will get simpler, so time is ticking as folks from world wide compete to crack the pockets.”

A 12-word, passphrase-protected bitcoin deal with (BIP39) generated a BTC address which now holds the sats up for grabs. Every phrase from the pockets, together with the passphrase, had been shared with the 12 companions. Over the week beginning with January 23, every companions will share their phrase utilizing the hashtag #HuntingSats. On the finish of the week, if nobody has efficiently accessed the bitcoin, extra hints will probably be shared.

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