In VALORANT, not all people desires to play easy brokers, however most instances, they’re mandatory to seek out success. Some characters are far more thrilling to make use of, and a few have far more attention-grabbing skills to make use of on the battlefield, however they don’t at all times result in victory.

Sage is among the most impactful Sentinels within the recreation, and even has the best win charge of any brokers for the sport’s prime rank with a 54 p.c win charge amongst Radiants, based on VALORANT stats mixture Blitz. She does, nevertheless, solely have a measly 4.8 p.c decide charge, which makes her solely the ninth-most-played agent within the recreation among the many prime gamers within the recreation.

She can be the one Sentinel within the prime 5 for win percentages, main over picks like Phoenix, Raze, Neon, and Brimstone, as she brings a ton of beneficial utility that may be the deciding issue between a gained and misplaced spherical.

Not solely does Sage have a large ice wall and a slowing subject that may halt an enemy push in its tracks, however she additionally has a vital therapeutic skill that may preserve allies in a struggle that they’d usually need to disengage from because of the injury they’ve sustained. Her final skill even resurrects a fallen teammate, which may steadiness the taking part in subject throughout game-deciding rounds in an uneven struggle.

One of many largest causes, nevertheless, that Sage doesn’t get a lot taking part in time is that she isn’t probably the most thrilling agent to pilot. As a Sentinel, she largely stays again to offer assist for her allies and is finest used to decelerate incoming enemies as an alternative of participating, since her package is finest used defensively.

Teammates will also be a bit too pushy with Sage gamers when asking for heals or resurrects, particularly after they aren’t in an advantageous place for the Sage to heal or use her final. In consequence, Sage gamers can take a ton of unwarranted blame for losses, in the event that they aren’t capable of heal or use their final rapidly sufficient.

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