Wrecking Ball is likely one of the weakest heroes in Overwatch 2 and the community thinks the tank is in need of buffs. The hamster and his big ball don’t essentially present the safety squishier teammates want, particularly on bigger maps like Paraiso. Dot Esports requested synthetic intelligence ChatGPT what it will do to make Wrecking Ball higher in Overwatch 2, and its strategies would arguably make the tank overpowered.

“Our purpose with these adjustments is to make Wrecking Ball a viable and formidable tank hero that may each take in harm and deal it out in equal measure,” ChatGPT mentioned earlier than offering all of the adjustments it will make to Wrecking Ball’s skills in Overwatch 2.

Screengrab through OpenAI

Though the adjustments ChatGPT steered are simply concepts, they appear an excessive amount of. A tank is meant to be the entrance line of the group and take harm whereas dispensing just a little of its personal.

What ChatGPT steered would make Wrecking Ball deal way more harm than he’s presupposed to and certain make the hamster and his big ball probably the most overpowered heroes in Overwatch 2. This could virtually definitely result in Wrecking Ball’s decide charge skyrocketing, however it might additionally make the sport unplayable for different heroes.

Wrecking Ball is likely one of the least widespread heroes in Overwatch 2. The tank is the least-played hero on PC within the final three months and the sixth least-played hero on console within the final three months, in response to Overbuff’s statistics for competitive games.

As an alternative of constructing Wrecking Ball a super-powerful tank like ChatGPT steered, Blizzard might take a radical route and alter the hero’s function from tank to DPS by adjusting his hitbox and talents. “Transfer him to DPS,” one Redditor suggested in a current publish about how Wrecking Ball. “Scale back the dimensions of the ball (make him smaller). Add harm to weapons. Scale back well being.”

It’s unclear if Blizzard is engaged on buffing Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2’s subsequent steadiness replace.

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