It has been a moderately eventful begin to the League of Legends aggressive season. Not solely have followers witnessed underdog groups like SK Gaming or Invictus Gaming thriving in their very own areas, however there have additionally been many new revolutionary picks the world over, particularly within the help function.

This pattern began off on the 2022 League World Championship, when the present world champion participant BeryL picked the first-ever Heimerdinger help. After groups and gamers slowly began realizing the ins and outs behind this unconventional choose, they began experimenting with new solutions and counter-picks. In consequence, conventional ADCs started to be picked as helps, first with Ashe after which others following go well with, together with Caitlyn and Kalista within the LCK.

In a meta filled with ADC helps, nonetheless, there’s one champion that was particularly designed and launched with the objective of turning into a marksman help: Senna. With zero picks throughout main areas (in response to the stats web site Games of Legends), why is she not performed?

Senna has a weak laning section

The present skilled professional play bot lane meta has two predominant instructions: You both choose scaling ADC with an enchanter, otherwise you choose robust early-game marksmen to bully the enemies. The rise of the ADC helps is especially attributable to the latter, as having a further ranged help champion makes the laning section nearly unplayable for the alternative facet. For instance, a Varus with Ashe ensures long-range poke and everlasting precedence over the lane.

Picture through Riot Video games

Even when Senna is a ranged champion, she is just too weak within the first couple of minutes, and she or he doesn’t provide good AoE harm along with her Q. Enjoying her as a help doesn’t can help you assert the lane dominance wanted to bully a scaling bot lane.

She doesn’t profit as a lot from assault velocity

This second level is partially associated to the primary one, since Senna doesn’t have nice buying and selling instruments with out sufficient assault harm or essential strike. She is designed to scale into the late recreation due to her passive granting souls which can be transformed into elevated crit probability and assault vary.

In the event you take note of the ADCs picked in professional play to this point this season, all of them can abuse Hail of Blades. The keystone rune grants a giant enhance to assault velocity as soon as activated, permitting these ADC champions to get a few auto assaults quicker than enemies. By doing so over the course of a laning section, it could actually quantity to quite a lot of further harm, resulting in potential kills or dive setups.

Sadly, because of her passive, Senna has an assault ratio of 0.3 which modifies the effectiveness of assault velocity on the champion. Which means Senna can’t exploit the facility of Hail of Blades, making the rune ineffective on her and making her buying and selling a lot worse.

One other marksman that has a modified assault ratio is Jhin. That mentioned, he presents worth due to his package and talents, that are associated to the subsequent purpose why Senna isn’t an appropriate choose now.

Senna doesn’t provide as a lot wave clearing as different ADCs

As talked about earlier than, double ADC lanes provide you with robust lane precedence and management over the minion waves. The enemies can’t sustain with the wave clearing and counter the push. ADCs like Ashe or Caitlyn have AoE spells that may rapidly kill a minion wave with one solid. Senna, alternatively, doesn’t have this energy since her solely AoE spell is her Q, and it doesn’t deal sufficient harm to kill the minions. The spell hitbox can be a skinny line, making it much more tough to hit all attainable minions in a wave. Compared, Caitlyn’s Q can halve a complete minion wave if they’re shut sufficient.

Picture through Riot Video games

The entire aforementioned causes are why Senna is unpicked to this point in professional play, regardless of being the design that Riot supposed once they needed to create an ADC help. Given the rise of extra marksmen champions within the help function, the stability staff has a giant situation to resolve in entrance of them. With a few of the tentative modifications within the upcoming Patch 13.3, we would see one other shift within the presence of ADC helps.

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