Non secular wars have been a cornerstone in tech. Whether or not it’s debating concerning the professionals and cons of various working programs, cloud suppliers, or deep studying frameworks — just a few beers in, the info slide apart and other people begin combating for his or her know-how prefer it’s the holy grail.

Simply take into consideration the infinite discuss IDEs. Some individuals favor VisualStudio, others use IntelliJ, once more others use plain previous editors like Vim. There’s a never-ending debate, half-ironic in fact, about what your favourite textual content editor would possibly say about your persona.

Comparable wars appear to be flaring up round PyTorch and TensorFlow. Each camps have troves of supporters. And each camps have good arguments to counsel why their favourite deep studying framework might be the best.

That being mentioned, the info speaks a reasonably easy reality. TensorFlow is, as of now, essentially the most widespread deep studying framework. It will get nearly twice as many questions on StackOverflow each month as PyTorch does.

However, TensorFlow hasn’t been rising since round 2018. PyTorch has been steadily gaining traction till the day this publish bought printed.

For the sake of completeness, I’ve additionally included Keras within the determine beneath. It was launched at across the identical time as TensorFlow. However, as one can see, it’s tanked in recent times. The brief clarification for that is that Keras is a bit simplistic and too slow for the calls for that almost all deep studying practitioners have.

Graph showing percentage of StackOverflow tagged TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch over time